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Posted by Motament - August 4th, 2015

Ok, so I'm finaly getting back into animation. I got a couple scripts I am working on making, and one cartoon Is going up today, 'Sonic Watches Some TV', and another short is around 1/3rd done.

I also am doing Let's Plays, if thats your thing. I animate pre-play intros them and some other bits during random episodes. We bost Mon, Wed, Fri. Cartoons also go up there as well.



Posted by Motament - October 9th, 2014


So, I've been busy lately to those who care,

On top of work, collage just started a month or so ago, so I have not had much time to work on getting JDex pages out. I've been writing plot points and stuff that happen much later on in the story, and slowly getting backgrounds done for the first chunk of pages, I’m still working out how to streamline getting them drawn.

I'm going to post page 2 whenever that gets done, it is 4/5ths done. Then pages will come out in clumps, depending on what’s going on. The first 20 or so pages have rough drafts, and the entire first chapter is mostly written out. I’ll do a more informative update when more pages are out and the plot gets going.

I’ve been also getting Power Plaid Plays (A Let's Play show I do with my freind Matt) episodes out, I uploaded parts 1 and 2 of Hyrule Warriors last week and Resident Evil 2 is coming soon, along with some sort of Halloween themed episodes. This is another thing with a huge backlog, there are hours of recordings and tons of games I got to edit.


I need to sleep now.

- Larry

Posted by Motament - October 16th, 2013

Power Plaid:
A channel started by Matt and I, We are currently doing let's plays, or new and old games.
We will eventually do more original content, and not everything will be centered around Video Games. We already have a good idea for a animated series we will release more info on later.
Our older recordings have some tech issues, mostly bad audio quality due to feedback my old PC created, but we fixed it, so newer recordings will be better, production quality wise. Still looking for abetter capture card though.
Power Plaid YouTube Channel

Hotel Quest: Embed-n-breakfasted In Your Skull
A comic/ Game started in 2011 between me and some friends, inspired by point-and-click adventure games and MS Paint Adventures. They (Ziggy and Liah) enter a command and I draw them doing it in the next panel. The set up is they are trapped in a hotel room with no clear exit. Things ensue.
Still working on getting pages out, there are more on the FB page than on Tumblr. And there are a lot of pannels yet to be assembled into pages. It was started in 2011, but kinda died soon after until recently.
Facebook Page
USER=Ziggy Tumblr
USER=Liah Tumblr

Beatallica: Animated
I got a few projects going on for Beatallica, a Beatles. Metallica bash up band, with songs like "Hero Of The Day Tripper" "Leper Madonna" "Ticket To Ride The Lightning" "...And Justice For All My Loving." I'm currently working on a Christmas cartoon of the original song "Hella Day For Holiday," It's around 1/3 done.
I'm also working on a parody of the old Beatles cartoon show from the mid '60s, using their music.
You can see some concept art in my Art.
Hella Day For Holiday (WIP)

A comic I've been working on for 4-5 years. I'm finally almost ready to launch chapter 1. The ruff draft for the first few pages is almost done. Just a few more tweaks. I got a huge cast of characters, and story lines I wish I could show off, but I want to reveal characters as they are introduced.
More on this soon.

More on the other stuff soon as well.


Posted by Motament - January 24th, 2011

Hey, welcome to the opening of a new shared account between me, Larry, and Missy, Kris and Annie. All three of us will be posting to here, mostly about a animated series we are in the middle of writing, JDex, i will post character art depicting it's two main characters, Dexstratus and Jethro, along with various other art and animations we collaborated on or made independently.